A key component of our ministry is serving other churches and Christian groups who seek to get out of the routine of life and come into a renewal with their Creator. Jesus encourages this rest. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

These leaders are looking for Christian Retreat Centers in PA or Maryland so they can program their own retreats. They simply need an amazing Retreat location to do it. Of course, we are pleased to do so, right here in south-central PA.

Recently Miriam Ankerbrand, our group events coordinator, met with leaders of an upcoming retreat.  Following their time, they shared this note.

We want to thank you again for taking time to sit with us in our recent visit this past Tuesday at the Camp site. Iglesias de Evangelizacion Misionera Jovenes Cristianos is grateful for you and the staff that beautifully puts together what is required to have a successful turnout at Joy El. We are blessed to have found such a beautiful place whose heart is to serve others as Christ served us.

And we are excited that they will be joining us and we are excited to see how God will work. If you are interested in bringing your group to Joy El, please contact Miriam Ankerbrand, Group Events Coordinator [email protected] or Pastor Travis Zimmerman, Group Sales Coordinator, [email protected].


We have a new look! Check out our new webpage https://joyelgeneration.org/

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Joy El Camps and Retreats, is a Christian Summer Camps in PA, we offer Christian camps and retreat in PA and we are a retreat centers in PA since 1974. Our focus on making disciples is seen in Bible Adventure  and the 4.12 Leadership Training Program.

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