New Chambersburg School District Policy limits student availability for paper permission forms for student desired clubs.
The district went strictly online-no papers distributed or left on property at the schools. RESULT: Many students/families cannot register online.

Especially hit are our inner city programs students who may not have access to computers or printers or find navigating them challenging. Bible Adventure/CIA Enrollment is down at openings in most of the Chambersburg Areas schools this year, especially in Ben Chambers, Stevens, Marion, Scotland, and Hamilton Heights. Other local community programs like the YMCA are also seeing a marked drop in programs due to the new policy.

Here’s how you can help:
1. Share places that have permission forms for pick up.

  • All Chambersburg YMCA locations (at the front desk)
  • Coyle Library
  • Network Ministries
  • Butcher Shoppe Grocery
  • Grandpoint Church office
  • King St. UB Church Admin. Building
  • Lifepoint Church (across from the post office)
  • All Bible Adventure/CIA Host Churches. For this list go to:

2. Share emails and Social Media posts.

3. Write or email Superintendent Catherine Dusman –ask to re-instate the permission availability and distribution policies that we have always enjoyed as a community.

Dr. Cathy Dusman
Assistant Superintendent
Office: 717.261.4259
[email protected]

4. Have forms available at your church and share them.