Each student enrolled in Joy El’s 4.12 Leadership Training Program commits to the pursuit of knowing and sharing Christ in several ways. Part of their commitment involves Bible reading, Scripture memorization, attending training sessions, serving others, etc. We also ask each student to recruit a local mentor from within his/her church. We realize that we can provide a wonderful program for students who want to grow, but each student could benefit so much more from having a spiritual and personal coach walking alongside him/her in this journey of faith. In fact, we know from recent research that having a spiritual mentor is crucially important in the spiritual life of a teen. Having a spiritual mentor is the number one reason that Christian young people continue their walk with Christ beyond high school.



Barnabas mentors get to know their 4.12 students individually. They learn to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their student. Mentors get to watch their student grow spiritually and hears what God is teaching him/her. Mentors take the 4.12 program’s general requirements and help their student see the relevance to his/her life.

Our desire is for these relationships to transcend the Joy El connection and impact churches as well, encouraging others as they see the Titus 2:4-8 mandate to teach the younger generation demonstrated in real life.

For more information on how to get teens from your church involved in 4.12 and the Barnabas program, please contact us at [email protected].