We recently asked some of our Elementary Released Time students what they like about Released Time. Here’s what they had to say…

“I like Released Time because we get to learn about God and the Bible. I like reading the Bible, and we get to do fun stuff here. Another thing I like is the singing. I love singing very much. There is nothing I don’t like about Bible Release. It’s the funnest. I like to meet new people and that is what we do here.“

“I like Released Time because I like to learn about God and because God is watching over us.”

“I like Released Time because I love God and learning about Heaven because some of the people I love are up there.”

“I like Released Time because I don’t have time to go to church, so I come here and it is fun. I love to sign the songs and learn a lot of stuff about God. Jenny [her listener] is very nice. I have had her for two years.”

“I like Released Time because it’s kind of a little church for kids that don’t go to church.”

“I like to learn about Christ because I want to become a pastor.”

“I enjoy looking at the Bible and looking up Bible verses to learn about God.”

“At Released Time I like when we go to our listeners and say our verses and that we get to learn about God. I’ve also learned how many books are in the New Testament and the Old Testament.”

“I learned about fishers of men last year. I like Released Time because we sing about God and learn about Him.”

“My favorite part about Released Time is learning about God and the Bible, because we love God and we want to be helpful.”