New Volunteer Information


So you have made the decision to become a Released Time volunteer. Now what comes next? Well, here are some beginning steps you should take to get more information about your decision and how to begin.

1) First, you are going to want to have more information about Joy El. Click here to find our history, mission statement, vision, and core values.

2) Second, you will want to know what you are committing yourself to doing. Click here to find the scope of involvement you will be asked to meet.

3) Next, you may want to know what standards you will be expected to meet. Here you will find information on our standards.

4) Perhaps now you would like to figure out at what school program you would like to volunteer. Find our program locations and schedules here.

5) Next you will need to fill out our Volunteer Application. Express your interest in volunteering here and someone will contact you to guide you through the application process. CLICK HERE

6) And of course, you will want to share the opportunity of Released Time with children you know. Click here to print forms for children to sign up.

7) Finally, you will want to invite others to participate as volunteers. Click here to print information on volunteering to share with friends.

Here are some additional resources that may interest you.

Released Time Bible Program brochure

Life Change Partner brochure