Memorials and Honorariums

We are thankful to those who support Joy El financially in memory of and in honor of family and friends they love. The gifts given in the list below encompass March through October 2017. If you would like to give a gift in memory of someone, please contact Jeanette at 717-369-4539 or email


Given by: In Honor of:In Memory of:
Bill & Cathy Juergens Harry & Dorris Barrett's 50th Anniversary 
Leigh and Julee Huss Harry & Dorris Barrett's 50th Anniversary 
Robert and Judith Anderson Harry & Dorris Barrett's 50th Anniversary 
Ron and Carolyn Allison Harry & Dorris Barrett's 50th Anniversary 
Dave and Sherri (Hammond) Esh  Abram Byers
Dean & Doris (Byers) Meyers  Abram Byers
Dean and Barb Alleman  Abram Byers
Harry and Shirley Hammond  Abram Byers
Pat and Jackie Alleman  Abram Byers
Sam and Evelyn Byers Family  Abram Byers
Duane and Deborah Truax  Andrew Lane
Canadochly Released Time  Betty Keenan
Curtis and Jessie Wilke  Betty Keenan
Dan and Katherine Rush  Betty Keenan
Elaine Klinedinst  Betty Keenan
James and Christi Mitzel  Betty Keenan
James E. Mitzel Plumbing & Heating Inc.  Betty Keenan
Joe and Allison Myers  Betty Keenan
John and Jill Allen  Betty Keenan
Morton and Ruth Feder  Betty Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Keenan  Betty Keenan
Paul and Cleo Grosscup  Betty Keenan
Paul and Pam Girvin  Betty Keenan
Richard and Polly Turner  Betty Keenan
Stephen and Anissa Page and Dunie Ness  Betty Keenan
Stephen and Donna Lighty  Betty Keenan
Jan B. Keefer  Ellen Z. Keefer
Trudy Smith  Gerald Smith
Scott Rice  Glenn Knepper
Scott Rice  Jacob Ramer
Adam R. Callahan  Keith Johnson
Charles and Paula Milliken  Keith Johnson
Elta Faye Stouffer  Keith Johnson
Harry and Patricia Ritchey  Keith Johnson
Karen McCandless  Keith Johnson
Marie Musselman  Keith Johnson
Marv and Linda Hissong  Keith Johnson
Paul, Beth, Kate and Jake Wiley  Keith Johnson
Ron and Nancy Brant  Keith Johnson
Scott Rice  Keith Johnson
David and Karen Rotz  Kenneth and Fay Oliver
Jim and Sharon Roberts  Lois Eshleman
Lois White  Lois Eshleman
Michael and Tammy Deatrich  Lois Eshleman
Ragan and June Mellott  Lois Eshleman
Venita Christman  Lois Eshleman
Annalee Sellers  Manny Diaz
Bernie and Rosemarie Roberts  Manny Diaz
Bill and John Diaz  Manny Diaz
Bruce and Valentina Marrow  Manny Diaz
Carrol Slimmer  Manny Diaz
Catherine Deatrich  Manny Diaz
Charles and Dianne Salter  Manny Diaz
Daniel and Eileen Thomas  Manny Diaz
Diane Christman  Manny Diaz
Douglass and Carole Smith  Manny Diaz
Franklin County Head Start  Manny Diaz
Heather Sites  Manny Diaz
James and Susan White Lock  Manny Diaz
Ken and Holly Meyers  Manny Diaz
Linda Goodwin  Manny Diaz
Locust Grove Church of the Brethren  Manny Diaz
Nancy Fannin  Manny Diaz
Penn State Mont Alto  Manny Diaz
Robert and Rita Byers  Manny Diaz
Robin Semple and Jackey South  Manny Diaz
Terry and Tangela Gibbons  Manny Diaz
Roger and Carolyn Truax  Patsy Kerns
Ethel Pearl Simmons  Reba Miller
Karl and Judy Spaugh  Reba Miller
Whrelda Pittman  Reba Miller
John and Charlotte Hodge  Tomas Ramsey
Jim and Joyce Fletcher  Patsy Kerns