The Benefits of the 4.12 LTP

Our 4.12 Leadership Training Program is especially designed for youth between 8th and 12th grades. Though our 4.12 teens serve as counselors for camps and retreats, the program focuses on providing them with training to serve wherever God places them. Through Bible lessons, serviceopportunities, and accountability measures, the 4.12 program helps students to mature spiritually.

The program specifically addresses these issues in a young person’s life:

  • Biblical worldview—Processing and assessing current cultural life from a biblical perspective- an absolute “must” for the serious trainee of Christ.
  • Spiritual disciplines—Learning to nurture and guard his/her own spiritual life through biblical disciplines of Bible reading, Bible memorization, prayer, evangelism, etc. for life-long spiritual health and growth.
  • Personal accountability—Choosing to be honest, transparent, and confessional with God and another person as the mark of a sincere and committed disciple and worthy leader.
  • Leadership development—Learning what leadership is and isn’t, and developing the servant-leader mentality through a close look at Christ and other biblical models.
  • Leadership practicum—Seeking and accepting servant roles in a variety of practical situations, inside and outside the program, as valuable preparation for life-long leadership.